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Annual Cleanse

     As soon as the Christmas decorations are down it's time to start thinking about Marmalade!  In January Seville oranges come to Ir...


Flower Show

             I’ve always been fascinated by gardening programmes. From dear old Percy Thrower to Charlie Dimmock & Alan Titchmarsh to Monty Don.
They make it sound so easy and achievable, but as anyone who gardens knows it is not!

           For any one with a passing interest in gardens the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London is an event not to be missed. This year I was lucky enough to go.

A pretty cranes-bill! 

Sorry I didn't take notes as to what each flower was, there were just too many!

The offering by Mr D Gavin with the Korean DMZ forbidden garden in front.
                There were several glass flower sculptures and these emphasised the blue of the sky!

Sky Blue!

I just loved these crazy green chrysanthemums!

Gardening is a battle: gardener against nature. Plants want to grow and set seed and they don’t always do it in the manner that gardeners want them to. It’s a control thing and constant vigilance is necessary. 

These brass cardoons were on the Edulis nursery stand.

Yes it was amazing and crowded and hot, but the Pimms was cool & refreshing and a kind artist gave me some sun block. Picking quieter paths through the crowd gave me an opportunity to take a few photographs of some things that took my fancy.


More Orchids!

Even more Orchids!

         There were lots of orchids!

These Orla Kiely hand tools were the prettiest I saw ;)

And the kind artist? James Gillick you can have a look at his website here www.gillick-artist.com


Feeling Unwell!

This is a short post on feeling unwell.
Apple blossom!

           If you are well don't bother reading it.
But I have added 2 photos to make it slightly more interesting. 

Our first strawberry starting to ripen!

         I've got a virus! I've a bit of a headache, I'm sore in my legs, back and shoulders. I'm not hungry and I've spent the day resting in bed with my laptop. I've slept and drunk tea and eaten a little. I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow as I have to go to work.
It is nice having a day off, but it's better when you're well. I don't believe in working through an illness if you don't have to. So I'll take it easy and just do the bare minimum tomorrow.